Main External Competitions

[First Deadline: October 31, 2014] Retail Innovation Challenge Elevator Pitch Competition


[First Deadline: Feb 3, 2014] New Venture Championship


[First Deadline: Jan 29, 2014] Utah Entrepreneur Challenge


[First Deadline: February 21, 2013] Rice Business Plan Competition


[First Deadline: by invitation] Venture Labs Investment Competition (VLIC)


[First Deadline: by invitation] California Dreamin’ Business Plan Competition
**Please note: VLIC and California Dreamin’ are by invitation. BYU selects a representative team (usually one of the winners of the competition). If you are interested in competing in VLIC or California Dreamin’, please contact the NVC leadership team at


Other Competitions (i.e., “The Big List”)

Big Sell Entrepreneurs in Action Competition: Purdue (Indiana)
2-minute pitch; Total prize: $6,000


Dell Social Innovation Challenge (Austin, TX)
Social change; Total prize: $105,000


Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition: University of Washington
Social change – reducing poverty; Total prize: $34,000


Global Social Venture Competition: U.C. Berkeley
Plans must have positive social implications; Must have one graduate student; Total prize: $50,000


Graduate Student Business Competition: LES Licensing Foundation (Boston)
Graduate; Early stage tech commercialization competition. Core IP licensing component required.


IBK Capital Ivey Business Plan Competition: University of Western Ontario
Open to Canadian graduate students; Total prize: $20,000; bid to VLIC


Idea to Product Competition: University of Texas at Austin
Must have underlying technology component; Total prize: $8,500


Latin Moot Corp Investment Competition: Fundacao Getulio Vargas (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Geared for Latin-speaking countries; Bid to VLIC


Lee Kuan Yew Global Business Plan Competition: Singapore Management University (Singapore)
Undergraduate student contest; Total prize: $60,000


mai Bangkok Business Challenge: Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok, Thailand)
For graduate students; Focus on sustainability; Total prize: $20,000


Michigan Business Challenge: Michigan State
Total prize: $60,000


Milken PennGSE Education BPC: Penn State (Philadelphia)
Open to anyone; Educational innovation; First prize: $25,000


Nebraska Innovation Competition: University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Total prize: $17,500


OFC Venture Challenge: Fayetteville State (Fayetteville, NC)
Non-profit created for minorities, primarily for Southeastern universities; Total prize: $22,000


Queen’s Entrepeneurs’ Competition: Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario)
Undergraduate student contest; Total prize: $25,000


Stu Clark Investment Competition: University of Manitoba (Manitoba, Canada)
Graduate competition; Total prize: $60,000


TCU Values and Ventures BPC (Fort Worth, TX)
Undergraduate competition; Values-centered (sustainability); Total prize: $32,500


The Brown-Forman Cardinal Challenge BPC: University of Louisville (Kentucky)
Graduate competition; Total prize: $30,000


The John Heine Entrepreneurial Challenge: QUT Business School (Queensland, Australia)
Graduate students from universities based in Australia and New Zealand; Total prize: $30,000, VLIC bid


Tulane BPC: Tulane University (New Orleans)
$100 per application; Total prize: $50,000; $1000 travel stipend


UC Spirit of Enterprise Graduate Business Plan Competition: University of Cincinnati
Graduate competition; Limo round; Total prize: $20,000; Bid to VLIC


William James Foundation Sustainable BPC: William James Foundation (Washington DC)
Social and/or environmental businesses; Idea phase and venture-phase; Total prize: $10,000


Youthbridge SEIC: Washington University (St. Louis, MO)
Open to anyone; Non-profit; Total prize: $35,000